Benefits of Hiring Disabled Workers

Published: 06th September 2010
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It may come as a surprise to you that there are many benefits companies gain by offering employment for adults with developmental disabilities. Individuals with developmental disabilities are in fact people and they may have a unique set of skills to bring to the workplace.

Developmental disabilities can vary greatly in terms of severity. In some cases, the condition may be debilitating and the individual may not be able to work and he or she should not be expected to. In other cases, however, the person may have certain limitations but may be able to come into the workplace and handle certain responsibilities.

The individual can have his or her life changed by businesses that allow employment for adults with developmental disabilities. They have an increases satisfaction with their lives and are allowed to live up to their potential. They don't want to be seen as different or as anything less than those around them. If they have skills, they will want to put them to use.

It is easy to see how employment for adults with developmental disabilities benefits the disabled worker. It isn't quite as transparent to see the benefits for the company that offers employment for adults with developmental disabilities. There some advantages, however, and depending on the situation a company could maximize its potential by hiring disabled people.

Disabled people may very likely have a strong work ethic. They are at a disadvantage and may have a strong desire to prove themselves at the workplace. As a result, they will put in great effort into getting work done.

A company that allows employment for adults with disabilities will benefit from a very positive attitude. The individual will be very happy with the opportunity to prove that he or she can work and will combine the aforementioned strong work ethic with a positive attitude. The positivity may rub off on those around them.

An attractive thing to see in a company is that they display no forms of discrimination. By giving employment for adults with developmental disabilities, you can claim that you are an equal-opportunity employer. This is a good selling point in help-wanted ads.

Businesses can get tax breaks for hiring people with developmental disabilities to work for them. While some of the money might need to be used to make the accommodations needed for the disabled person to work, you may see an overall positive effect on the bottom line and you can use the saved money to spend on other things.

By hiring those with developmental disabilities, you can pave the way for others to obtain employment in some form. You will be seen as a pioneer and the general public will have a better perception of what your company stands for.

There are benefits to hiring disabled people that don't appear so clearly on the surface. You will have a clear conscience, for example, by knowing you are allowing someone to do more than what is normally expected of them. This will do wonders for the disabled person's confidence and you can have peace of mind that you are the enabler or such happiness. This may help negate the few accommodations you will likely have to make for the disabled person to be able to work.

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